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Mes: febrero 2022

Irs Installment Agreement Review

The IRS letter you received simply asked for a review. He has not informed you that the contract will be terminated. Option A of the ICS Remittance Agreement will not be used if none of the Forms 433-D, Instalment Payment Agreement, has been created or approved prior to the filing of the Agreement for […]
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India China Agreement 1993

Since the 1962 war, the two countries have concluded various bilateral agreements as confidence-building measures (CONFIDENCE-BUILDING MEASURES) to prevent an escalation of the situation, including the high-profile 1996 agreement and the “dominant practice” of not using weapons in the vicinity of lac resulting from this and other agreements. Below, we have described the various […]
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How to Get Power Purchase Agreement in India

Some utilities were relieved that PPAs were cancelled due to supplier failures or fuel unavailability due to the elimination of coal block allocations. But overall, they must meet their previous commitments to buy the energy they asked for. Something could be developed that satisfies investors and also benefits the end user of electricity. India […]
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