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How to Format Memorandum

Although the format of a memo should usually remain the same, the tone and content may change depending on the audience. For example, a memo about organizing a summer picnic for employees will have a much happier tone than a memorandum informing everyone that the company will have to skip increases due to a […]
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How to Exit a Real Estate Contract

Financial contingency also covers several other common problems. For example, property valued at a price below the purchase price is a common reason for mortgage rejection. The same can be said if the property is experiencing insurance issues (say so is unexpectedly in a flood zone) or if a title issue is discovered during […]
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How to Charge for Contract Work

Find the hourly wage you would expect if you were doing the same type of work for an employer. If you`re already employed full-time and you`re only doing contract work on the side, you can simply use the hourly rate you earn in your traditional job. Alternatively, you can use official government salary sources […]
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How to Be a Court Bailiff

The Court Services Unit will be equipped with specialized equipment and technology to support its mission, including closed television surveillance, magnetometers and a dedicated radio channel. In addition to their main tasks, the judicial officers also ensure the security of district commission meetings, security checks in the county administrative building and security during special […]
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How Much Is a Small Business License

Like all other states, Washington has licensing and/or certification requirements for business activities and professions that require extensive training or expose consumers to potential dangers. Collective makes setting up and running your business easy and affordable. Our members save an average of $16,845* in taxes. See how much you can save with Collective. If […]
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How Long to Keep Car Insurance Documents

Electricity bills, up to treatment. Loan documents, until payment. Home and auto insurance documents, until you get new ones. Home renovation records, while home and auto insurance documents: until you get credit documents: until paymentTax return: three yearsHome improvement reports: while you use the (29) . The only reason you may need to keep […]
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How Does an Option Agreement Work

Depending on your state, there may be specific laws around real estate options contracts. Developers can benefit from holding multiple real estate option contracts while selecting only a few based on market developments during the holding period. Belinda Punshon is Head of Corporate Communications at Finder and previously worked as a mortgage and real […]
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Horse Purchase Agreement with Trial Period

Without a written contract, it may be impossible to prove that promises have been made. It`s amazing how often people who break contracts pretend not to remember making those promises, or lie openly and take their word back. Therefore, the best way to deal with an oral contract is to avoid them altogether. For […]
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