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What Is the Difference between Agreement and Agreeable

The feathers on their thighs are round at the end like shells, and since they are very thick, they have a pleasant effect. In everyday English, the adjective pleasant seems to have the following meanings: So many users consider the change to be much more acceptable and enjoyable. And here are some examples of compatibility used to convey meaning 3, with my alternative formulation noted in parentheses: The pleasant resources of Paris must surely please and instruct each class of characters. “I`ll still have a pipe,” he announced with a pleasant note of surplus. He is well received everywhere, because his manners are good and pleasant. It`s always satisfying when two players find themselves in the same team with enjoyable games, under a coach who understands their symbiotic energy and optimizes their creativity in the right system. The jukebox plays a medley of melodies from the sixties, an appropriate and pleasant feature. See the full definition of pleasant in the dictionary of English language learners The one who designed Costner`s contract probably had in mind that the adverbial form of meaning 3 of pleasant would be pleasant. It may be easier to see than if you question the sentence in the active voice: “If. we do not pleasantly show the sculptures elsewhere…. Of course, it is not used to convey meaning 1, which is not suitable for contracts. Instead, here`s an example of the amenity used to convey meaning 2: My only problem with Heidi`s account of Costner`s contract dispute is that it says pleasantly ambiguous.

I don`t think that`s the case, because you can understand the meaning you want quite easily. Instead, the problem was that the contract did not specify how the parties were to express their agreement. The source of uncertainty was therefore not ambiguity, but the lack of being sufficiently precise. (Chapter 6 of MSCD examines the various sources of uncertainty; this March 2008 blog post on AdamsDrafting is a first draft of this chapter.) But if the 3 meaning of pleasant is not useful, pleasant is a drastically suboptimal way of expressing the intended meaning: “if . We do not accept to exhibit the sculptures elsewhere. Pleasantly surprised, Beauty offered her hand to the handsome prince and helped him get up. It is an adjectival form, like datis, and probably means “pleasant, pleasant”. I found the complex guizhou sauce/flavors in southern China the most enjoyable. But consider the context. This recital refers to an amendment to a loan agreement; The above recital indicates that borrowers want the agent and lenders to waive the specified non-compliance. To say that the agent and lenders are willing to give up this non-compliance, it would be clearer and more common to do so.

It seems strange that by using Agreeable, the recitals anticipate the agreement, which is reflected in the introduction that follows the recitals (the parties therefore agree as follows). How does the pleasurable effect in contracts have? To get an idea, I turned to the SEC`s EDGAR system as usual. The word “pleasant” appears in 1,898 contracts filed last year, making it a relatively common use. in a manner and at the times referred to the respective Director and President [i.e., the respective Director and President in writing] are acceptable. That sounds like a nice number until you remember that he received 78% of the Jewish vote in 2008. to conditions that the licensee agrees to [read that the licensee agrees in writing] at the company`s registered office or any other place that is consensual with the buyer and the assignor [read that the buyer and the assignor agree in writing] So, what is the agreement with “consensual”? To find out, let`s start by being pleasant. But you could afford to drift to the left of your readership as long as you maintain a pleasant tone about it. CONSIDERING that the Agent and the Lenders accept such requests subject to the terms and conditions contained herein; and in summary, punctual prose stylists would avoid meanings 2 and 3 of pleasant; Contract writers should walk a mile away from them. They censored only about 16 percent of the comments they found more politically acceptable. That is, 3 mediates cowardly approval. It does not serve to convey the meaning required in the above excerpts, namely a legally binding agreement, so I would rather refer to the agreement in writing. Pleasant Middle English “pleasant, acceptable, ready to accept”, borrowed from the Anglo-French, to the agreement “please consent, accept” + -able -able Costner would have avoided the boredom of this trial if the contract had read as follows: “if.

We do not agree in writing to exhibit the sculptures elsewhere… To achieve this, of course, he should have lost pleasantly. .

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