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Mes: enero 2022

Adb Agreements

The AfDB`s recent decision to adopt the use of six FIDIC STANDARD contracts for the next five years means that FIDIC has now signed similar agreements with all major global multilateral development banks, a significant achievement for the organization and the international engineering, construction and infrastructure industries. WASHINGTON – With funding from the Asian […]
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Abbott Alere Merger Agreement

Alere believes that in diagnosing and monitoring health problems, knowledge is now important™. Alere provides reliable and actionable insights by providing rapid diagnostic tests that improve clinical and economic health outcomes worldwide. Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, Alere focuses on the rapid diagnosis of cardiometabolic diseases, infectious diseases and toxicology. For more information about Alere, […]
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1993 North American Free Trade Agreement

Critics of NAFTA have cited falling manufacturing jobs in the United States and rising manufacturing jobs in Mexico as a result of the deal. On his transition team`s website, President Donald Trump criticizes deals like NAFTA, stating the following: After Donald Trump was elected president, a number of trade experts said that withdrawal from […]
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Aba Model Rule 1.1 Technology

From individual practitioners to BigLaw, lawyers use technology to: Similarly, a transactional lawyer performing due diligence may need to familiarize themselves with document review platforms and know how new technologies, such as the possible use of AI-based verification, may be able to streamline longer aspects of the process. Indeed, one of the reasons for […]
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